Townhomes and Condos for Sale in Charleston SC

Condos for Sale in Charleston SC

The city of Charleston and its surrounding towns and islands have a diverse and upscale population for the most part. From young professionals, to families, to happy retirees, the Charleston Metro area offers the type of lifestyle that few other cities can provide.

Condos and townhomes become more and more of an attractive option as people become more and more busy. In a tropical climate, mowing the grass or attending to weeds, raking leaves, etc., is not pleasant, even for the active outdoors type. Who wouldn't rather be swimming, boating, or even walking around the city than sweating in 98 degree temps to do yard work? Condos provide maintenance free living, and townhomes often do as well.

And then of course there's all the islands around Charleston. Condos on the beach can often pay for themselves with vacation rentals, and offer a great investment in many cases. Add to that you have a free place to spend your own vacation! What a bargain. For those who are not looking to buy super cheap, flip the property and make a fortune, buying a vacation condo can be the perfect investment.

Look on the right side of the page and you'll find some of the most popular condos and townhomes as well as some of our personal favorites. Read a little about them, look at some photos and videos, and then give us a call to take you see them. We'll guide you to the best possible purchase and make sure you are happy with your choice of a Charleston condo!

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