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If you were to tweet the merits of Edisto Beach, Edisto Island’s main metropolis, it might read like this: “The only grocery store is a Piggly Wiggly. Be sure to visit Botany Bay and Shell Island. Be sure to eat at the Sea Cow Café. Enjoy a cone of ice cream. Lay on the beach and relax.”

Admittedly, a one grocery store town might not get everyone excited, but as anyone who’s ever visited Edisto Island knows, excitement is not what this island is about. A little out of the way and a little more difficult to get to, it’s definitely a destination for vacationers and residents who like to relax. A family favorite for generations of vacationers and a piece of paradise for those fortunate enough to live here, night life on Edisto Island is defined as heading down to Island Video and Ice Cream after supper to rent a DVD and enjoy a tall cone of cream.

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But that’s not to say there’s nothing to do at Edisto. Far from it. There’s championship golf at Wyndham Ocean Ridge Resort, a 68-square-mile island to explore by bike and canoe. Edisto Island State Park is a must, and the centuries of history everywhere you turn is always interesting. Taking its name from the indigenous Edisto tribe of Native Americans who originally lived here, it was also once home to large rice and cotton plantations. The slaves that worked those plantations brought the rich culture and language of Gullah – also known as Geechee – which still pervades the area.

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The island is home to one of the most scenic areas, the 3,353-acre Botany Bay Plantation Wildlife Management Area with pristine and protected woods, wetlands and beaches. And for many, no trip would be complete without a visit to Shell Island, really a large sandbar to the north of Edisto Beach that offers a high concentration of seashells.

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Lots and homes on the island range from value-priced fixer-uppers to multimillion dollar deep-water estates. The interior of the island offers a number of planned developments on marshes, lakes and creeks as well as oak and pine forests.

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Along the beach, homes range from rustic weathered cottages to luxurious custom oceanfront homes priced in the millions. An area where bargains can still be found, some condos just blocks from the beach here start as low as the mid-$20s and the island is typically a hot market for vacation rentals. So if you're looking for a bargain beach home, this is the place to start! Call us today for more information or to visit Edisto Island.

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