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I grew up in Upstate New York and moved to South Carolina right after High School at the age of 17, and began selling Real Estate as I turned 18. The decision to pursue real estate at a young age came from my family’s personal experience selling my childhood home. We had to go through 2 different agents before our home was sold, and the impact that the 2nd agent had on our entire family was astounding.

Going from panicked, stressed, and uncertain -  to calm, cool, and confident in only a matter of days - made it very clear that the agent you hire matters.  My goal was, and to this day is, to provide every client, no matter what, that same level of clarity that we had gained, going through this experience. 

Having that goal in mind made it abundantly clear that I needed to team up with someone who could assist me in providing this to my clients, and it was obvious that Brendon Payne and I were a great fit. Together our team is ranked among 1% of agents nationwide and within the top 20 Century 21 teams nationally since I have been a part of it.  

My strengths involve my ability to communicate with my clients to truly determine their goals and provide them with options based on what they're looking to accomplish. Once we have established your goals, we then get to work via our aggressive marketing plan that includes both broad/passive marketing as well as target/active marketing, to ensure your property has the MOST demand possible. Based on the law of supply and demand (the greater the demand, the higher the price) it assures that you are getting the highest price possible for your property. 

It is my mission to provide you with the optimal information available to allow you to make the best financial decision possible when selling or buying a piece of property. I do this to ensure that you go through the transaction feeling confident, informed, and empowered. 

If you are looking for a clear, transparent approach to buying or selling real estate then give me a call.  

I look forward to helping you achieve YOUR Real Estate Goals.