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Realtor Olga Leon, Century 21 Expert Advisors

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I am originally from Venezuela. I hold a master’s in arts. I am fluent in both English and Spanish and have some French survival skills as well. I entertain myself by gardening, cooking, or walking my little chihuahua. I love swimming and salsa dancing. I like traveling and engaging in all types of cultural activities. 

I came to America as a exchange Foreign Language Teacher. After more than 25 years in education, I decided to continue with a new career. A career that allowed me to serve people and work with them to accomplish their goals, as much as I did with my students. I believe this new profession is the Real Estate Business. I am confident that no other field can fulfill my essential craving for interacting with people and helping them at the same time. 

I see myself as an ongoing learner and an author. I have written some story and poetry books. I have always tried to keep myself busy and available. I was a girls & boys soccer coach, cultural event planner, parent liaison, interpreter, translator, among other things related to life and career enhancement.


Getting to Know You

1. Why are you a good fit for Real Estate?

I care about people’s wellbeing.  Having the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and help them in finding their dream home is such a special endeavor. 

2. Where are you originally from?


3. What brought you to the area?

New work opportunities.

4. What are your favorite local restaurants?

Bone Fish / El callao Latin Fusion

5. What are your favorite activities in your down time?

Gardening, walking, watching tv

6. What are your favorite Sports Teams?

Bravos (Atlanta) 

7. Do you play any sports? If so, what sport(s) do you play?

I swim. 

8. Do you have any pets?

Yes, a chihuahua. 

9. What are you passionate about?

God, Family and Justice from one side.  Finances & Investment, Life & Career enhancement from the other.  

10. How important is Customer Service to you?

Very important. I see them as the lungs of the RE enterprise. If they stop coming (allegory for breathing) the business will succumb. Therefore, our company mission and vison should have customer service as our main ingredient for success.