Homes for Sale in Wappoo Heights - West Ashley

Homes for Sale in Wappoo Heights - West Ashley

Located on popular Folly Road, Wappoo Heights is a highly sought-after neighbor of The Crescent. Prime positioning within Charleston gives this beautiful community the upper-hand in the local real estate market. Historic downtown is minutes away, providing for hours of wholesome, informative entertainment. Residents can shop in art galleries, locally-owned stores and markets. They can dine on traditional, low-country fare, such as Charleston's classic dish, "shrimp and grits". When all is said and done, a leisurely stroll along the battery is the perfect way to end a day in the center of town.

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At Wappoo Heights, the scenario is right out of a southern novel. Tall, mature trees line the streets of the neighborhood, cradling large properties. Homes are ornately designed, with a variety of one and two-story construction to choose from. While most of the houses in Wappoo Heights were built over a fifty-year span of time in the 1900s, owners have kept up with maintenance and renovations so well that they are mostly ageless. Open floor plans provide for optimal entertaining conditions, and some of the lots lie right along a scenic, rushing creek.

Wappoo Heights Home - West Ashley

Home prices at Wappoo Heights begin in the $500s and exceed $1 million. Surrounding marshes and bodies of water pave the way for convenient opportunities in fishing, boating, and photography. While the feeling in this community is reminiscent of laid-back, days of old, nearby are all of the modern services and business one needs to conduct a happy lifestyle. Yoga studios, ice cream shops, grocery stores and so much more are just down the road from Wappoo Heights. Quality medical care is accessible through the renowned South Carolina Medical University. As an added perk, schools in the area offer top-notch learning experiences to local youth.

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