Homes for Sale in Old Village

Homes for Sale in Old Village Mt Pleasant

Stand still and close your eyes in Mount Pleasant’s Old Village and you might just think you hear the echo of a musket from Haddrell’s Point, site of a number of battles and skirmishes during the Revolutionary War. Perhaps you’ll hear British officers barking orders from their command post at the still standing Hibben House, from where they orchestrated the siege of Charleston that ended with its surrender in 1780. Or maybe you’ll hear the heated debate from the September 24, 1860, meeting on Ferry Street leading up to Mount Pleasant passing the first succession resolution in the state. One thing you won't hear is traffic.

Homes in Old Village

An approximately 40-block area of Mount Pleasant bounded by Charleston Harbor, marshland and Shem Creek; Old Village is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, recognized for the variety of historic homes and buildings found there as well as the area’s prominent role in history. Taking its name from a plantation of the same name, Mt Pleasant’s history began when James Hibben purchased the plantation and divided it into town lots for his children and grandchildren in 1803. Many of the neighborhood’s streets bear their names. Along with the purchase came the plantation house, renamed Hibben House. Built in 1755, the home still stands at 111 Hibben Street.

Old Village Mount Pleasant Homes

With some of the most historic and beautiful homes to be found in Charleston real estate, Old Village is unquestionably one of the quietest and most scenic in the area with water on three sides and ancient moss-draped oaks lining its streets. Homes here feature a variety of styles according to the time in history they were built. There’s the Georgian style Hibben House, simple cottages with white picket fences, and other homes that feature an eclectic mix of ornate cupolas and wrap-around colonnaded porches.

Old Village in Mount Pleasant

There are also a number of more recently built homes that capture the beauty and flavor of the neighborhood’s older homes. Not for the bargain hunter, prices for these historic houses range from the $500s to $3 million-plus. If you think you'd be interested in purchasing one of these wonderful old homes, call us for an appointment to view the ones that are available.

Homes In Old Village