Charleston Real Estate Careers – Coaching is Critical!

Charleston Real Estate CareerNow that the housing market is heating up again, we are starting to see more people getting their real estate license. More and more people see that having a career in Charleston real estate presents the opportunity to increase their annual income and eventually get into property investment.

Like any career, real estate sales requires a lot of training to be successful.

When talking with top producers around the country, you will find that coaching is the one thing they will say that was the key to their success. Most companies offer some sort of training materials yet very few offer real estate coaching.

Recently a national real estate coach has opened an office in Charleston, SC and is bringing his coaching to the agents that join the team.

If you are a new agent or one who is looking to increase your business, finding a coach to help could put you on the fast track.

Here are 5 things for new agents to consider before choosing an agency to work with:

1) Who will be your trainer or mentor? You need to know if you can get along with the person who is responsible for building your business.

2) Was your trainer or mentor a top agent selling over 100 homes per year? Some people coach what they have heard and some people coach what they’ve done.

3) What is the average production per agent in the office? This will tell you how well the coaching is. If the average agent in the office is doing less than 7 deals per year than that is a problem.

4) How long does it take the average agent to get up and running to earn commissions? You will find various answers to this question. Nationally, it takes 6 months but a good coach can shorten that process.

5) How many agents are leaving your office per year? Be careful and investigate if the company is hiring people all of the time and losing agents at the same pace. Some companies focus on recruiting a lot of agents and some focus on developing the ones they have.

Choosing a real estate agency - blindfolded

You will not know how important it is to choose the right company until you have chosen the wrong company. Take your time, ask questions and interview more than one company before making a choice.

There are hundreds of companies that are hiring right now. If you are serious about a Charleston real estate career then you may want to consider Century 21 Expert Advisors.